“Beautifully photographed and well written, The Amazing Monarch describes the monarch’s incredible migration, its life cycle and its problems. Windle Turley has done his research well; the text is sprinkled with references to back up his statements and conclusions. The bulk and glory of the book, however, lie in the photography. This is some of the very best photography of the monarch that I have seen.”

William H. Calvert, PhD, Monarch Watch of Texas

“The photographs are nothing less than spectacular, and together with the comprehensive coverage of the latest scientific findings, this book will be a welcome addition to a broad audience of readers interested in the biology and aesthetics of this marvelous migratory butterfly.”

Lincoln P. Brower, PhD, Distinguished Service Professor of Zoology Emeritus at the University of Florida and Research Professor of Biology at Sweet Briar College

“Among nature’s migrations there is none more spectacular, mysterious nor intriguing than that of the monarch. If you are in a quiet place as you turn these pages and can imagine the whisper of tens of thousands of wings as the monarchs cascade off the trees, it will almost be like being there—and you will be stunned by the beauty.”

Orley R. “Chip” Taylor, PhD, Director, Monarch Watch

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